Spreads & Cheese

Vegan Mayo

Add this Vegan Mayo to any of your Sandwiches, burgers, or wraps for an instant flavor and satisfaction boost! We love this with the Nutty and Beet Burgers, or atop a veggie-packed tofu sandwich with avocado and mustard.

Ingredients: Cashews; Water; Lemon Juice; Apple Cider Vinegar; Yellow Mustard; Dates; Salt; Hot Sauce

Spicy Mayo

This Spicy mayo is a favorite of ours paired with the Spicy Black Bean Burger. It has more of an asian feel to it with ingredients such as tamari and sriracha sauce. This would also be incredible as a topping for veggie Sushi!

Ingredients: Cashews; Water; Lime Juice; Maple Syrup; Tamari; Red Miso Paste; Sriracha; Cayenne Pepper; Salt

Oil-Free Pesto

Simple, fresh, and powerful are three words I would use to describe this amazing oil-free Pesto. A little goes a long way to pizazz your sandwiches or wraps. We typically pair this with the Vegan Mozzarella and fresh tomato on Sourdough for a beautiful trifecta of flavors!

Ingredients: Fresh Basil; Walnuts; Lemon Juice; Fresh Garlic; Nutritional Yeast; Water; White Miso Paste; Salt


Cool and fresh, this vegan Tzatziki is made from cashews combined with fresh herbs, garlic, and grated Cucumber. You can't go wrong with this delicious sauce.

Ingredients: Cashews; Water; Cucumber; Fresh Cilantro; Fresh Mint; Scallions; Fresh Garlic; Lemon Juice; Lemon Zest; Dried Dill; Salt; Black Pepper

Lemon Pepper Sauce

This make-your-mouth-pucker and peppery sauce is amazing and could be used in so many ways for wraps, sandwiches, or salads. I personally love this sauce atop Falafels.

Ingredients: Cashews; Water; Lemon Juice; Onion Powder; Salt; Black Pepper

Cashew Cheese Sauce

One of my staple ingredients, this cashew cheese sauce could be used as-is as a buddha bowl or roasted veggie topper. I most often use it as a pizza sauce, in vegan lasagna, or in my Chickpea "Chick'n" Salad. It's a simple sauce that I could see pairing with just about anything!

Ingredients: Cashews; Water; Nutritional Yeast; Apple Cider Vinegar; Lemon Juice; White Miso Paste; Salt


I never thought I'd be able to make a vegan mozzarella, but little did I know the wonders of Tapioca Starch. What starts off as a running blend of cashews, water and other ingredients, is then heated on the stove to thicken into this stretchy mouth-watery mozzarella. Use this in grilled cheese, with fresh pesto, in a salad, on a sandwich - the possibilities are endless!

Ingredients: Cashews; Water; Nutritional Yeast; Tapioca Flour; Apple Cider Vinegar; White Miso Paste; Lemon Juice; Garlic Powder; Salt

Cream Cheese

A beautiful 6-ingredient recipe that really captures the creamy, tangy, and salty combination of cream cheese. This cream cheese could be used as a spread for sandwiches or wraps. I personally love it the classic way, as a spread for my homemade sourdough bagels. Get fancy and make it a bagel sandwich!

Ingredients: Cashews; Plain Yogurt (vegan); White Vinegar; Lemon Juice; Water; Salt


This spicy spread is just the cheezy addition to your quesadillas or burritos you've been waiting for! Take a simple recipe and make it decadent with this creamy and spicy spread.

Ingredients: Cashews; Almond Milk; Salsa; Nutritional Yeast; Hot Sauce; Cumin; Chili Powder; Garlic Powder; Turmeric; Red Pepper Flakes; Salt