The Rig

The Plantiful Food Trailer

Picking up our little trailer!

It all started with an idea - something small to get started with making plant based food for our local area. We wanted something that would be a warm welcome to someone curious about plant based food, something that would give us flexibility in our reach to customers, and something appealing to those who are just plain hungry! Trying not to add to the growing number of diesel trucks on the road, we opted for something that was light enough to be towed by my little electric Nissan Leaf!

A 1962 Serro Scotty Camper. Yes, we may have gotten a little too excited about making something cute, but now we are in it and there's no turning back. What started as an old, vintage camper trailer getting close to being on its last legs, is now turning into a retro food trailer.

Check out our Youtube Channel to see the trailer transform and our journey unfold!

We were so excited to cut out the spot for the serving window!

Installing our serving window. Friends and family played a huge part in making it all happen!