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Learn how to cook delicious plant-based foods in your own home!

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You may also be wondering how to successfully transition to a vegan diet or more plant-based eating. What will I eat? Will I be hungry all the time? How on earth do I cook anything without oil?!

I've found over the past 6 years that I've never been more healthy, satisfied with my food, and more connected to what I eat since I began eating vegan, but more specifically, when I focused on whole foods. We created the Youtube channel to document our journey on building the food trailer, but also to share delicious recipes to make them accessible to anyone. That being said, sometimes consulting one on one with hands-on experience is the most helpful way to learn to cook a recipe.

I'd love to schedule a time to come cook a meal together and share my knowledge on all things plant-based cooking! Send inquiries to plantifulfoodtrailer [ at ]