Dinner Dishes

Tikka Masala

(Tofu or Chickpea)

This beautiful Tikka Masala is creamy and filled with a complex combination of spices. We love this delicious dish alongside Brown Rice, or other grains, and topped with fresh Cilantro.

Ingredients: Tomato Sauce; Cashews; Water; Tofu or Chickpeas; Onion; Fresh Ginger; Maple Syrup; Coriander; Cumin; Paprika; Cardamom; Nutmeg; Black Pepper; Salt; Cayenne Pepper


Other than the noodles, this lasagna is completely home made. From the cashew cheese, to the basil ricotta, to the lentil marinara sauce, you won't believe there is a vegan lasagna that compares to its meat and dairy-based counterpart!

Ingredients: Whole Wheat Lasagna Noodles; Ricotta (Cashews; Tofu; Fresh Basil; Fresh Garlic; Nutritional Yeast; White Miso Paste; Salt) Cheese Sauce (Cashews; Water; Nutritional Yeast; White Miso Paste; Apple Cider Vinegar; Lemon Juice; Salt); Marinara (Diced Tomatoes; Tomato Paste; Lentils; Sundried Tomatoes; Red Wine; Fresh Garlic; Dried Thyme; Bay Leaves; Maple Syrup; Salt; Black Pepper)

Veggie Loaf

A delicious family dish that gets in your protein and some veggies all in one, this veggie loaf is so well spiced and flavored you'll forget you're eating chickpeas and veggies.

Ingredients: Chickpeas; Onion; Celery; Carrot; Fresh Garlic; Dates; Tomato Paste; Tamari; Bread Crumbs; Almond Butter; Walnuts; Peas; Ketchup; Dried Parsley; Onion Powder; Garlic Powder; Paprika; Red Pepper Flakes; Salt; Black Pepper

Pot Pie

Vegan and Gluten Free, this Pot Pie has a buttery, salty crust made with almonds that pairs perfectly with the thick and juicy sweet potato, lentil, veggie filling.


Filling: Sweet Potato; Carrot; Onion; Celery; Fresh Garlic; Lentils; Kale; Vegetable Broth; Almond Milk; Cornstarch; Tamari; Lemon Juice; Dried Thyme; Sage; Paprika; Salt; Black Pepper;

Crust: Almond Meal; Brown Rice Flour; Tapioca Flour; Water; Salt