Sandwich and Wrap Fillers

Enjoy these flavor-packed items in a sandwich, wrap, or on a salad. They are completely versatile and provide a little extra "oomph!" to your meals!

Tofu Bacon

This baked Tofu is an Umami sensation. It is a game-changer on sandwiches, in wraps, on buddha bowls, or atop our lovely Carbonara Pasta. Oil-free, but still grizzly and smoky, this Tofu Bacon leaves quite an impression.

Ingredients: Tofu; Tamari; Tomato Paste; Apple Cider Vinegar; Maple Syrup; Water; Smoked Paprika; Paprika; Garlic Powder; Salt; Cayenne Pepper


Everything you love about a delicious garlicky Falafel, but without the fried bit. Pair these with the Tzatziki or Lemon Pepper Sauce, and top with the Tomato and Cucumber Salad for an amazing combination of creamy and fresh.

Ingredients: Chickpeas; Japanese Yam; Red Onion; Fresh Garlic; Fresh Cilantro; Tahini; Lemon Juice; Chickpea Flour; Cumin; Coriander; Black Pepper; Salt; Cayenne Pepper

Chickpea "Chicken" Salad

Filled with fresh celery, onion, red pepper, and a creamy cashew sauce, these chopped up Chickpeas are disguised as the classic Chicken Salad we all grew up with. Wrap it, sandwich it, or toss it on a salad!

Ingredients: Chickpeas; Cashews; Red Bell Pepper; Onion; Celery; Fresh Cilantro; Water; Nutritional Yeast; Red Wine Vinegar; Apple Cider Vinegar; Lemon Juice; White Miso Paste; Salt; Black Pepper

Chili-Lime Tofu

This little tofu bites are almost impossible to stop popping in your mouth. An amazing combination of lime juice and spices that surround a perfectly crispy baked tofu cube - eat these on their own, to top a salad, in a burrito, or atop black beans and rice.

Ingredients: Tofu; Lime Juice; Chili Powder; Paprika; Salt; Black Pepper

Tofu Tacos

These Tofu Tacos bear an uncanny resemblance and texture to your typical meat-based tacos. The tofu is crumbled and tossed with a delicious sauce and spices and baked until crispy alongside diced peppers and onions to make the perfect taco bowl topping, or burrito filler.

Ingredients: Tofu; Red Bell Pepper; Onion; Tomato Paste; Lime Juice; Chili Powder; Paprika; Date Sugar; Water; Salt; Black Pepper; Cayenne Pepper